Difference between Knowing God and Being Religious?

The big difference between knowing God and being religious is putting ones faith in recorded truth, the Jude-Christian Bible. Jesus Him Self said that He was The Truth, The Light, The Life, The way. No man comes to the father but through the Son (John 14:6) Jesus made this statement while there were many Idols being worshiped. Jesus is the only offering for the sins of mankind, because he was the God who created the universe and all that is in it, and He is the Holy God who cannot stand in the presence of sin, Yet He came to Earth to live the righteous life in the face of temptation, that man is incapable of living. So buy Jesus living a holy life, then offering Himself on the Cross in our place, the sinless became the payment for the sins of the sinner.
So now salvation from eternal death is obtained from a person’s willingness to stop living a rebellious against God, agree with God that they are a sinner, ask God to forgive them for their rebellious way of life, And except Jesus the Christ as payment for their sin. To invite God through Jesus in to their lives, that they through the Person of the Holy Spirit will enable them to honor and glorify God with the way they live their lives.
Now religion differs by commitment, Differs by false hood, Differs by missing the mark.
Commitment: People will turn from following the truth when they might be persecuted for their beliefs (Matthew 13) .
False Hoods: Believing in God in a un Biblically way. Meaning how can you have faith in truth if you have not hear the truth. A relationship with God is found on putting one’s faith in what The Bible teaches us about God.
It is a false hood teaching that all religions lead to the same God. It is a false Hood to teach that man can earn their way out of Judgement of sin, and earn eternal life with their good deeds. All sinful man’s good works are filthy Wragges in the sight of God. Isaiah 64:6
Which brings us to missing the mark: James 2:10 tell us that if we offend the law (10 commandments) in one point, then we are guilty of all the law. So say a person lives a sinless life, but dies without putting their trust in Jesus as the payment for their sin. They would not escape the judgement of hell because they refused to commune with God through His Son Jesus the Christ, and by doing this they have committed one sin, the act of rebellion, which is the original sin.
What does a healthy relationship with God look like?
Reading the Bible on a regular Basses: The Bible is God’s phone to talk to us. It is His tool to conform our mines to His. It is a His tool to Guide us through life that we will be equipped to do his will and prosper in life.
Prayer on a regular basses: Prayer is talking to God, just like you do to your best friend, except you respect God 100 times more. Prayer, you should confess your sins on a regular basses that was you have a healthy and UN interrupted fellow ship with God.
Prayer is trusting in God to meet all your needs, and bringing your request to him.

Prayer is giving God thanks and praise for Who He is and all He has done for you.

Big different between Religion and knowing God is the purpose you live your life with.
Do you live your life trying to do the will of God, or to serve yourself?
Important thing to remember is the way you live this life will determine the quality of life you will have in God‘s Kingdom.
Written By Stephen J. Vattimo

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